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Spot the birds

If you’ve been to Venice you’ve undoubtedly spotted some graffiti as you explore the city. On my last visit there was certainly evidence that in some areas vandalism was being cleaned up, especially along the main tourist routes.

There is one particular tag that stands out to me, that of a bird wearing the traditional mask worn by doctors during the plague.

Have you spotted these birds? I wonder who they belong to.









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Bologna: Christmas shopping and Bolognese

The last few weeks before the end of term are busy for the Venice students. However, if you manage to finish your final essay a little early (it is just about physically possible) and with the final free week, there is time to explore the Veneto and further. Bologna makes a perfect day trip, especially in the run up to Christmas, as it has beautiful festive lights and a Christmas market. Trains regularly depart to Bologna from Santa Lucia railway station and take between an hour and a half and two hours.

Famous for its Bolognese sauce, it is most definitely worth stopping for lunch. We headed to Ristorante Cesarina, a friendly restaurant that served delicious Bolognese and Lasagne. If you’re lucky, the waiter might even offer a sample of Balsamic glaze to try with bread (we must have looked like very hungry students). Don’t be tempted to buy it off the waiter though (we must have looked like very stupid students) as the price asked for, 15 euros, seemed a little steep when we saw the same bottle on sale in Billa for a few euros.

Head to the centre of the city for lots of shops, Christmas lights and a little Christmas market. The Christmas tree is Piazza Maggiore is beautiful!


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Graffiti in Venice

The less publicised and promoted element of the Venetian city-scape is its ongoing battle with graffiti. Love it or loath it, graffiti is a highly visible feature of the city. With decreasing funds to tackle the problem, graffiti seems like it is set to stay. Graffiti varies from simple tags, sentiments of love and humour to more politically motivated statements.
Graffiti found around the city:

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Graffiti adorns the walls of Venice’s famously beautiful and historic buildings. Here are a few photos of the graffiti dotted about the city, how many can you spot during your time in Venice?


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