Practical Advice

Travelling to Venice

There are many different travel options when considering your journey out to Venice for the first time. Most students, and indeed tutors, choose to travel by plane. It may seem daunting setting off and leaving family and friends for an entire term, it certainly helped me by meeting up with friends to fly out with. Even if you don’t arrange this it is inevitable to bump to a fellow Warwick student wandering about the same airport as you. If you fancy doing something more exciting you could always get the train over to Venice. Over night trains from Paris provide a romantic alternative or even a cycle ride to Venice makes for an exciting way to reach the city, no doubt Humfrey will provide you with stories of the time a lecturer did this very thing.


Tips and advice:

  • Be wary of luggage restraints. I was repeatedly told this, but with little advice on where I could actually cut back. Certainly the advice of take less clothes and shoes would work, but can be hard in reality (for some of us at least).
  • Cut back on the amount of toiletries you take, there are plenty of supermarkets and chemists that you can by this stuff from on the weekend you arrive. Stationary and pads of paper can all be bought in Venice too. Any heavy books that Warwick recommend you buy can often be taken in hand luggage.
  • If there are two of you over the weight limit and can’t get it down, stuff some extra items in one person’s bag and then you could share the charge between two of you. I wish I had thought of that before I handed over extra cash to British Airways.
Useful websites:

Money in Venice:

Venice is undoubtedly an expensive city to visit. However, I doubt Venice could be done at such great value as the Venice term. One way to save a little money is to sort out the bank with the best deal. I had a Nationwide account whilst in Venice. Nationwide now charge for withdrawels like other banks, though they still seem to provide a competitive choice. A few people I know used the Caxton card succesfully.

Tips and advice:

  • Save a little money by shopping at your local supermarket; Billa and Coop were convenient and had good value food. Though be warned, the people at Billa like exact change.
  • Take out larger sums of money, in order to incur less withdrawal charges from the pesky banks.
  • Tickets for the Vaporetto are pricey, so rather than hopping on a boat it is cheaper and lots of fun to walk everywhere.
Useful websites:

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