Hi, my name is Anna and I am a history graduate from the University of Warwick*. Originally I set out to create a blog for fellow Warwick students who are heading out to Venice in their final year of study, but I hope it is of use to anyone spending time in Venice.

I loved being a student in Venice, it truly was an unforgettable experience. Walking to lectures along the canals of Venice on a misty morning, watching the Venetian bin-men hopping on and off their boats. Sharing the Strada Nova with commuters, rather than tourists. Picking up something for later at the Rialto fish market. After lectures and maybe some research in Warwick’s little library, or if it was still sunny, reading in the garden, I would head to the Querini library. Mainly just to admire the beautiful library or pick up a coffee downstairs. Then home, back along the canals, stop off in Billa for something for tea or maybe a cheeky pizza from La Bella Pollastrella. The day complete, now for the night. Some much missed British TV, Billa’s finest biscuits and a cup of tea? Well yes, some nights! More fun though, were the cocktails by the Rialto Bridge, the walks to a deserted San Marco with Grom ice-creams, or dancing in Dogado Bar and the infamous Piccolo Mondo.**

My experience in Venice was a magical one, I hope that this blog enhances your time in Venice.

* To the best of my ability, the information and advice contained in this blog is accurate. However, what is written expresses my personal point of view and is neither endorsed nor verified by the University of Warwick. If there are any points of confusion please feel free to contact me!

**If you’re a Warwick student you will have no doubt heard about the health warning the comes with Piccolo Mondo.


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  1. frenchwarsofreligion

    Bella bella!

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