Graffiti in Venice

The less publicised and promoted element of the Venetian city-scape is its ongoing battle with graffiti. Love it or loath it, graffiti is a highly visible feature of the city. With decreasing funds to tackle the problem, graffiti seems like it is set to stay. Graffiti varies from simple tags, sentiments of love and humour to more politically motivated statements.
Graffiti found around the city:

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Graffiti adorns the walls of Venice’s famously beautiful and historic buildings. Here are a few photos of the graffiti dotted about the city, how many can you spot during your time in Venice?


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2 responses to “Graffiti in Venice

  1. You must have had to look for these. One doesn’t think graffiti and Venice in the same thought.

  2. There’s actually a surprising amount of graffiti all around the city. The council has limited funds to clean the city up, so much it remains a permanent feature.

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